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28/08/2013  Bruce Dowding
Buller Hospitality Pty Ltd
Lot 207 Summit Road Mt Buller  Amends condition 9 to allow for 900 patrons on levels 3 & 4  06/09/2013        

21/06/2004  Trevor Robotham
Lot 10 Mt Wellington Road French Island  To use and develop the land for a dwelling and two wind turbine towers.  17/08/2004        

24/08/2007  Roger Holloway
Pacific Hydro Pty Ltd
Parts of land titles and Crown Reserve between the Pyrenees Highway and Wimmera River Eversley  Use and development of land for a Wind Energy Facility (comprising 75 generators) and associated infrastructure including access roads, cabling, sub-station, switch yard and mobile concrete batching plant.   19/09/2007        

14/06/2013  Danielle Thomas
Site 231 Summit Road Mt Buller  Amend condition 7 to allow music and change closing time of restaurant on Sunday's from 11pm to 12am.  19/06/2013        

09/04/2008  Joel Chamberlain
Schreiber Hamilton Architecture
Site 18 Falls Creek Road Falls Creek Alpine Resort 3699  Demolition of existing single storey cafe. Construction of a 6 storey, 16 unit (15x3 bed, 1x2 bed) apartment building, including on site caretaker and staff accommodation, 6 car basement parking.  21/04/2008        
02/06/2011  Amendment to Application:   Alterations to the building design, applicaiotn amended under Section 57A of the Planning and Environment Act 1987

07/10/2009  Sedat Erol
Renewable Energy Systems Australia Pty Ltd
CA33A2 vol 06855 folio 823, CA33B & 33A1 vol.01020 folio 896,CA35 vol01020 folio 897,CA20B vol04040 folio816 pt vol 02578 folio 467, CA36A vol00616 folio 054,CA36B vol 09465 folio 957 pt vol 00697 folio 213,CA37A vol09465 folio 958 PT vol 01360 folio 831,CA37B1 vol 09465 folio 959 PT vol 01364 folio 643,CA37B2 vol 09465 folio 960 PT vol 01592 folio 252,CA5 Section 3 vol 07831 folio 174 PT vol 00555 folio 907,CA6 Sect 3 vol 07831 folio 175 PT vol 01213 folio 534,CA6B Sect 3, CA7 sect 3, CA8 Sec 3, CA10 Sec 3,CA11 Sec 3,CA11A Sec 3,CA13 Sec 3, CA23A Sec 3,CA30A, 30B, & 31B, CA 31A, 32A & 32B, CA31C, CA38, CA21 Sec 3, CA41 , CA4E Sec 3, CA18C, 21B,17A1,17A2,17B1,17B2,18A1,18B1 & 18B2, CA21A1 & 21B1,CA22A, & 22B,CA71,CA94,CA34A & 34B, CA3A,3B,3C &4g Sec 3,CA4A, 5A,5B,5D & 6A Sec 3,CA23A, CA46B1 & 46A2,CA50C,50D,52,55 & 61, CA42,51B,51C,57A & 57B, part of CA84A & 84B,CA42A,CA51A,CA53,CA53A,CA58A,58B,59A,59B,60A,61A,61B,62A & 62B,CA61A,CA19A1,19B1 & 19A2,CA19A4,CA57,CA40B &40A2,CA23B,CA24A, CA29,CA29A1 & 29B1, CA40A, CA46A1,CA46B,CA19,19A,19C&19E Parish of Dunneworthy, Parish of Mount Cole, Parish of Bulgana,  The use and development of a wind energy facility and clearing of native vegetation  25/02/2010        

09/02/2011  Tom Hoy
Hoys Ski Hire
Great Alpine Road (adjacent to main car park) Mt Hotham  Small portable extension to existing Ski Hire building.  11/10/2012        

12/07/2012  Robert Hofbauer
Mount Hotham Racing Squad
Lot 1/ Great Alpine Way Mt Hotham Alpine Resort  Extension to Mount Hotham Racing Squad Club House  15/08/2012        

16/12/2014  Callum Fraser
Falls Creek Resort Management
Falls Creek Alpine Resort Falls Creek  Removal of native vegetation associated with Stage 4 of the Mountain Bike Trail Project  19/12/2014        

22/12/2014  Edward Mahon
Buller Ski Lifts Pty Ltd
Mt Buller Ski Field Mt Buller  Installation of a replacement four seater chairlift, trenching for electricity supply cable and removal of native vegetation  19/01/2015        

02/04/2015  Grant Amon
Grant Amon Architects Pty Ltd
5 Sitzmark Street Falls Creek 3699  Extension of Existing Astra Building for Construction of 6 New Accommodation Rooms, Foyer, Ski and Drying Rooms and a New Lift, provision of Internally Illuminated and Business Sign and 1 New Non-illuminated Sign           

21/04/2015  Peter Simmonds
59 Barge Access Road French Island  Use and development of the land for accommodation (camping - five (5) eco-tents)  28/04/2015        

10/06/2015  Amanda Clarke
JH Building and Design
15-17 Village Bowls Court Falls Creek  Removal of an underground petroleum storage system and construction of a retaining wall  22/06/2015        

09/06/2015  Marc Dixon
Marc Dixon Architect
Site 10 /18 Slalom Street Falls Creek  Building and works associated with alterations and additions to the Elk Alpine Ski Lodge            

13/05/2015  John Grezos
Grezos Enterprises c/- Melbourne Homes Australia Pty Ltd
26 Rodd Street Dandenong 3175  Extra parking level providing enough car space on SE and SW of the building for canopy trees; rearrange the interior to provide more direct sunlight to the apartments. Extending balcony area-articulate building facade. Provide one extra floor with 7 apartments  09/07/2015        

23/04/2014  Wojciech Huczek
Vertex Property Group c/- Wojciech Huczek
30 - 38 Cheltenham Road Dandenong  Building and works associated with the construction of a mixed use development comprising of retail, multiple dwellings and associated car parking  16/06/2015        
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