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From this page you can view the approved changes to the planning scheme and the documentation associated with the amendment.

The amendment documents are provided as a series of PDF files and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read them. If you do not have an Adobe Acrobat Reader, return to the bottom of the Planning Scheme Amendments ONLINE page for a link to the Adobe Acrobat web site where a reader can be freely downloaded. Amendment files can be large in size and may take some time to download. They are generally between 30 KB and 400 KB but may exceed this. If you have any trouble accessing the files or they are too large to download, contact details for assistance are provided on the Planning Scheme Amendments ONLINE page.

This amendment affects Clauses
This amendment affects Clause(s):(delete)Clause 32.01, (delete)Clause 32.01 Schedule, (delete)Clause 32.02, (delete)Clause 32.02 Schedule, Clause 32.07 Schedule 2, Clause 32.08 Schedule 2, Cl;ause 32.09, Clause 32.09 Schedule 1

This amendment affects Map numbers
This amendment affects Map(s):1ZN, 2ZN, 3ZN, 4ZN, 5ZN, 6ZN, 7ZN, 8ZN, 9ZN, 10ZN, 11ZN, 12ZN, 13ZN, 14ZN, 15ZN, 16ZN, 17ZN, 18ZN, 19ZN, 20ZN, 21ZN, 22ZN, 23ZN, 24ZN

Replace a page instruction sheet - use as guide when printing amended pages from the internet
File NameFile Size (MB)
RAP Instruction - Monash C119.pdf 0.08

Explanatory report - a brief explanation of the proposal
File NameFile Size (MB)
Monash C119 Explanatory Report Approval Gazetted.pdf 0.02

Instruction sheet - specifies the changes to be made to the planning scheme
File NameFile Size (MB)
Monash C119 Instruction Sheet Approval Approval Gazetted.pdf 0.01

Table of contents - Contents pages of the planning scheme (if changed)
File NameFile Size (MB)
03_contents_mona.pdf 0.04

List of amendments pages of the planning scheme provide a brief description of each amendment to the planning scheme.
File NameFile Size (MB)
amlist_s_mona.pdf 0.18

Clauses - these files show you the new or amended provisions in the planning scheme. To find out what has changed, go to the List of changes document above.
File NameFile Size (MB)
32_07s02_mona.pdf 0.02
32_08s02_mona.pdf 0.03
32_09s01_mona.pdf 0.03
32_09.pdf 0.05

Maps - zone ovelay changes to the planning scheme maps
File NameFile Size (MB)
Monash C119 znMap01 Approval Gazetted.pdf 0.34
Monash C119 znMap02 Approval Gazetted.pdf 0.33
Monash C119 znMap03 Approval Gazetted.pdf 0.35
Monash C119 znMap04 Approval Gazetted.pdf 0.30
Monash C119 znMap05 Approval Gazetted.pdf 0.13
Monash C119 znMap06 Approval Gazetted.pdf 0.26
Monash C119 znMap07 Approval Gazetted.pdf 0.46
Monash C119 znMap08 Approval Gazetted.pdf 0.45
Monash C119 znMap09 Approval Gazetted.pdf 0.40
Monash C119 znMap10 Approval Gazetted.pdf 0.41
Monash C119 znMap11 Approval Gazetted.pdf 0.23
Monash C119 znMap12 Approval Gazetted.pdf 0.18
Monash C119 znMap13 Approval Gazetted.pdf 0.39
Monash C119 znMap14 Approval Gazetted.pdf 0.50
Monash C119 znMap15 Approval Gazetted.pdf 0.28
Monash C119 znMap16 Approval Gazetted.pdf 0.33
Monash C119 znMap17 Approval Gazetted.pdf 0.30
Monash C119 znMap18 Approval Gazetted.pdf 0.12
Monash C119 znMap19 Approval Gazetted.pdf 0.14
Monash C119 znMap20 Approval Gazetted.pdf 0.27
Monash C119 znMap21 Approval Gazetted.pdf 0.15
Monash C119 znMap22 Approval Gazetted.pdf 0.23
Monash C119 znMap23 Approval Gazetted.pdf 0.31
Monash C119 znMap24 Approval Gazetted.pdf 0.14

Supporting documents/clauses and schedules on the track changes format:
File NameFile Size (MB)
Monash C119 Reasons for Intervention Approval Gazettal.docx 0.03